Dear friends and supporters,

I would love to give my best regards and love to you, all friends and supporters of HeartCry. May grace and peace to you from God our Father and from the Lord Jesus Christ. This is the report from me of November, 2017. Hopefully this report will continually encourage you in many ways.

Another month has just passed with God’s love being with our family. I am thankful for God’s protection of my wife and children’s health. Both of my sons are doing well at school. Especially the younger one that is making considerable progress this semester, which makes me so thankful. I hope God will be with him by making him into a young man as he gets older and the fear of the Lord, is the beginning of wisdom, will increase in his life. Please pray for this young man.

My work as the leading pastor in the church is going well. Although there were still very few of us, however, they remain faithful families and come to church regularly every Sunday. I visit them whenever I have opportunities, listening for their troubles and sharing them God’s Words.

This Christmas, we are going to invite brothers and sisters from other churches, and our neighbors, who are non-believers, to come worship with us. Every year we try to use this occasion to tell the Gospel to many people. We pray someone will receive the good message this Christmas.

We would love to wish you, all friends and supporters, best time and memories with your friend and family this Christmas. May God bless you and your good work preaching for God’s kingdom.

Faithfully yours,

Due H.