Dear Brothers and sisters,

How we praise God for His undeserved goodness towards us in providing us with a new facility to worship the Lord in. As we dedicated the building for the glory of God, and to the honour of His Son the Lord Jesus Christ, we remained awe-struck looking at God’s lavish love poured out on us in abundance. It is still an unbelievable project from our point of view. We do not have a clue how we pulled it off- except for the grace and His supernatural power. This building testifies to God’s love, faithfulness, and His power.

Three years ago, when we realized that we needed a new structure, we did not know what to do- nor did we envison a beautiful structure such as the one He has given us. Every time there was a deficit of funds, the Lord miraculously provided for us. We want to thank you all from the bottom of our hearts.

There are two invaluable lessons we learned while this building was being built:

  1. We saw God’s invisible hand in all that we did. Every time we prayed, the Lord answered our prayers (Psalm 86:6,7).
  2. This project united our congregation in the cause of Jesus Christ. Our church members did many things together. From sticking the posters on the walls, to distributing the flyers, everyone was involved. I can honestly say that we are a lot closer to each other than we were a couple of years ago. We praise the Lord for the extraordinary things He does in the lives of ordinary people like us. Please pray that the Lord may give us grace to live by the gospel that we share so regularly.  

I take this opportunity to thank each one of your for your prayerful and financial support. I pray that the Lord would truly bless this church as we seek to preach/teach the Word and proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ continuously. Please pray that the Lord may add more souls to this fellowship and that we might soon become a self-supportive independent Reformed Baptist Church.  

On the 29th of November, Faqir Kallow (one of the elders at Little Hill Church, Wigston, Leicestershire, UK), along with my father and mother cut the ribbon. We stepped into the sanctuary singing a Telugu Hymn based on Psalm 95. There were around 300 people who attended the service and there were around 800 who ate the food! There were many invited and uninvited guests on that day! Brother Faqir preached from Psalm 150; pointing us to the faithfulness of our Great God and our duty to worship and praise Him as His congregation. Visitors who came to witness the building were amazed and thankful. I also had the opportunity to share about the Vision of the Our Ministry:

  1. To grow and be established as a Biblical Church.
  2. To plant other Biblical Churches in our area.
  3. To give robust theological training- both to village and educated (English Speaking) pastors from the Reformed Baptist perspective.
  4. To take care of the poor and destitute children.
  5. To send missionaries both in our country and to the rest of the world.

We are also thankful to Pastor H. Singh (North India) and Stephen David (Ekklesia Evangelical Fellowship, Hyderabad) for making themselves available to preach and teach the Word. Praise the Lord, for since the Evangelistic Meetings that were conducted on the 30th November through the 1st of December, there are around 7 new people who have begun attending the fellowship. We praise the Lord for that. Please pray as we seek to lead them to Christ for their salvation.

We are also happy to announce that brother Paul Washer’s book (The Gospel Power and Message) has been published in Telugu. The other two books in the Gospel Series are on the way. Please share this news with the any contacts you have in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. Both Pastors and Christians will benefit immensely from these books. Please pray that these books will be read.

We are both happy and sad to say that our church member brother Duke will soon be leaving us for Reformed Theological Seminary in Jackson, MS (USA). We are thankful for his contribution towards the church and we are happy to send him to the seminary. It is our desire and prayer that he will be equipped and come back to India and serve the Lord and His people. Please pray that the Lord would bless his time in the seminary.

In the end, we all wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

In Christ,