Beginning to Pastor Full Time

This has been a month of great joy for our family. The Lord, by His mercy, has given me the opportunity to begin working full-time as a pastor, which is a great responsibility and an enormous privilege that we assume with great joy, gladness, enthusiasm, and sobriety. For our family, the month of November was a month of many adjustments, preparation, visits, and attention given to members of the church, and even though it was a month of intense work, we have been able to see the hand of the Lord en every detail. He is a God who dwells close to His children!

I ask you to pray for my family, for this time in particular of new responsibility. Pray that we remain free from temptations, that we remain physically strong, that the Lord give us wisdom, and that our heart and mind delight more and more in Him.

Advancements in Discipleship

Recently, a young man and a young woman were converted to Christ. They have only a small amount of time with our church, but from the gospel opened their eyes their love for Christ and His church has grown each day. When I think of them, I think of Jesus’ words in John 3:8: “The wind blows where it wishes…” What a glorious truth! He blows where He desires, He moves hearts, He is the One that rescues men and women. So, these two young people are now trusting in the sufficiency of Christ and with joy in their hearts they have begun to be disciple personally, renewing their mind in the Word. They have begun the battle to continually believe the gospel and find all their joy in Christ.