Encouraging Growth

The Lord is, slowly but surely, building His church in Uganda before our eyes.Through our person-to-person evangelism, brother Jovan shared the gospel with Fred, his neighbor, and invited him to come and worship with us on the Lord’s Day. After service, Fred confessed publicly that he had never heard such a gospel in his charismatic church. He has decided to make RBC his church since February up to now.

Brother Alex, who joined us from the biggest charismatic church in Uganda, continues to fish souls for Christ from among his friends who remained in Robert Kayanja’s Miracle Ministries. Out of curiosity, Joseph agreed to follow his friend Alex and see the church that managed to get him (Alex) from their wealthy mega-church. The Spirit of Christ, through the preached Word, never left him the same. After service, he confessed,

“Pastor Kayanja has never taught the Word of God; he always teaches his own word.”

He has also decided to be coming to RBC.


As we thank the Lord for adding on our numbers, we also regret to lose Alice, who has been taken by the world by falling in love with someone’s husband. Because of shame, she has stopped coming to RBC. We’ve gone to her many times, but all in vain.

Goodwill College has been one of our major fishing ponds for souls for some good years now. I started fishing souls for Christ when I was still a teacher in that school, and through that effort the Lord gave us some of our true church members now like Emma, Marvin, Bahati, and others. I was sacked from the school because of that, but, when the school got a new administration, we were allowed to go back and hold worship services with students every Lord’s Day.

The charismatic students in the school have been fighting us all along. They say the way we conduct our worship services is old and from the devil, but they could not convince the head teacher who loved us. Sadly, the school administration has been changed again and these charismatic students have got support from the new head teacher, who has decided to replace us with a charismatic church. They accuse us of denying students the freedom to dance during service, of rejecting the ‘sinner’s prayer,’ and that by singing old hymns we go backward instead of going forward. Please, be in prayer for the souls of these students who have been left starved for the Word of God.

Thank you for your support, love, and prayers.  I remain yours, ‘chief of all sinners who received mercy.’
Bill Issa
Reconciliation Baptist Church
Kampala, Uganda