We have exciting news!

The Lord has heard the prayers of my wife and I once again in regards to children. We thank God for our first-born son, who is now a healthy two year old. We have been praying for another child. I want to thank God that my wife is pregnant again. Please pray for a safe delivery in the coming months.

Please pray for the recent contacts in two villages. We have been praying for and visiting them. May God save them and show His mercies to them.

Please pray for the people in D______ village and Dh___________. Pray that they will continue to read their Bible, seek the Lord in prayer, and participate in the Sunday worship. Some feel disheartened as they are cut off from their community, because of their new faith. The locals, sometime even their close relatives, are persecuting the believers. The people in the village don’t want to have any associations with the believers of Lord Jesus Christ. This is sad to see. Social persecution is a big thing in these villages. It also puts a pressure on any new contacts that we make there.

Please pray for the young people of the church, that they remain faithful to the Lord and seek godly Christian partners for marriage. Our hearts are burdened for them.

I am thankful to the help given to me for my family. May God bless the each of you.

Philip K.