Dear brother and sisters in Christ,

I’m thankful to God for the regular support and grace I receive to serve Him in the mountains. It’s a hard work spiritually for me and for my wife, but we do it gladly, knowing that it is rewarding in the kingdom of God.

I praise the Lord, that one of my relatives, an elderly woman, has put her trust in the Lord. In times past she did not pay attention to our message. A few weeks ago, she called us, wanting to hear from God’s Word. It was her desire to be healed both spiritually and physically. I believe that God has heard her cry, and He has opened her heart. She has become a follower of the Lord Jesus Christ. Please remember her in your prayers. Pray that she would continue to trust the Lord and follow Him in her daily walk. Please pray for the physical healing also.

Please pray for P________ and R______, as they are growing in the Lord. They are the only believers in their village. P_______ is in need of God’s healing touch, as she can’t talk and walk these days. Her husband is helping her in many ways. When we first met them, they were disappointed in many ways with their lives. After coming to know Christ, their lives changed completely. They now live in hope. Pray that God will use this couple to bring others to the faith.

Please keep my family in your prayers.

May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with you all,

Gideon L.