We are concluding this year, and all that I can do is thank God for His kindness and the wonderful way He has involved us as His servants. We have been discipling the members of the church this year with the purpose of maturing and working toward serving Him in more specific roles. We are a young church, only three years old, and God has given us a group of brothers and sisters that are all willing and desirous of serving our God. And they have not only had the desire, but their desire is accompanied by a knowledge and discernment according to the Word of God.

In addition to the things we have planned to do as a church, the Lord has continued to impress on our hearts a desire to meet other needs. One example is the opportunity that we have to preach in a rehabilitation center. The man who oversees the center has asked us to come and preach to the patients at least once a week. By God’s grace, God has now put on his heart to allow us to go to the center not just once a week, but three times a week to preach! We are very happy for this, since there are around 76 unbelievers that are hearing the Word of God.

Thanks be to the Lord for the brothers that he has placed in our church to join in the work of the ministry: Miguel, Osber, and Juvert. May the Lord continue using them and cause them to be always conformed to His image. We want the Lord to continue helping us in all that we do, and above all, to do things out of the motivation of love to God and His chosen people, not merely carried along in activity. The church has understood in a wonderful way that all we do, say, and live is to be for the glory of our God.

Right now in the church I am preaching through a series of sermons from the book of Philippians. It is of great blessing to learn from the church at Philippi, since they were much like the members of our own church in their poverty and lack of material things, and yet they understood that those things are not an excuse for not serving God with joy.