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Last month we were able to taste and see how good and lovely the Lord is.

At the beginning of the month we celebrated the founding service of our church, and had the opportunity to hold this service at our sending church. It was a great joy that pastors Sebastian Engelhard from Basel and Peter Schild from Frankfurt could also attend this special service. At this founding service I was ordained as an Elder by the pastors of our sending church.

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Following this, I had the privilege of baptizing four people on the confession of their faith in Jesus Christ, who were then received as members into the new church.

Finally, a total of eleven persons were received into this congregation as members after making a solemn promise of membership to one another. Overall it was a day of great joy. I could truly feel the burden and tension of the past months falling off from me. Thank you for all the prayers, and please continue to pray for this work that God has begun here.

Baptism In Germany

Also, at this service there were many unbelieving visitors who saw and heard the gospel and the goodness of God. I’ve already reported that about four unbelieving friends of two members have been regularly attend our services. God’s Word is currently working especially on two young women. After a sermon, they sought to talk with me, asking, “What does it mean to be converted?” I tried to point out to them that this is a supernatural work of God in that He must give them a new heart. By doing this, they would turn from their sinful ways and turn to Christ, which would be evidence of their rebirth. Please pray that God will work this in their hearts, and they may experience a true regeneration.

God’s kindness was also shown last month in the fact that since July we have our own premises where we can now hold our Sunday services, our Wednesday prayer meetings, and all other church events.

Finally, as a family we are currently enjoying a few days of rest in Italy. The last few months have been very challenging and exhausting. Even more refreshing and beautiful are the days we can enjoy as a family.

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