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Here is the story of one young man whose life was changed:

His name is Chiva. He met Srey, the niece of Pastor Savy. She shared the gospel with him, but he was not open to it and sometimes he argued with her. She told Pastor Savy who encouraged her to invite Chiva to our Youth Camp. They were surprised that Chiva said yes!

One day before the camp, Chiva visited Pastor Savy’s house and was impacted by how warmly he was treated by Pastor Savy’s family. At the camp he was treated similarly—all the teachers and other Christians were kind in a way that he had never before experienced. They welcomed him—not as stranger but a friend.

The first meeting at camp began with a hymn: “In Jesus Christ We Are One Family”. The song impacted him so much that he could not sleep that night—the song made him think. He also was surprised by the lessons, which were not at all what he expected. They taught about God and encouraged the students to live in a godly way.

Chiva became ashamed of his previous thoughts. Finally he asked himself: “Why don’t I believe God (the real God), while I believe the devil (the bad spirit)?”

He was struggling in his mind and heart, until he realized that he could not lie to himself any longer—he must confront the reality that God truly does exist. After coming back from camp he went to Pastor Savy and asked for prayer. Chiva wanted to accept Jesus as Savior and Lord and he also wanted to be baptized.

We thank God so much that in June he was baptized with other members of Shalom Thbong Khmum Church. Now he shares the gospel with his friends at university. After he graduates, he wants to plant a Shalom Church in his hometown. Praise God!

Pray for the young people who attended this camp. They are the future Cambodian church.

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