I have recently returned from a trip to Asia, spending about two weeks in Nepal and one week in North India. The Lord blessed our time very much, particularly the teaching times, and I’d like to highlight briefly the focus of the conferences.

First we were in northern Nepal where we visited a group of pastors in a mountainous area. We were privileged to give them copies of Paul Washer’s The One True God, translated into Nepali. This is the second time we were able to provide sound literature to this group in their own language, the first being Paul’s other workbook, The Truth About Man. We spent three days with this group, and the teaching we covered is listed below.

The Preacher’s Life

1. Introduction & True Conversion, Part 1 – The Necessity, Nature & Source of Repentance
2. True Conversion, Part 2 – The Necessity, Definition, Object, Source & Results of Faith
3. The Necessity of Holiness – Commanded by God, Only Way to Heaven, Usefulness & Credibility
4. The Nature of Holiness – Separation, Consecration & Distinction

The Doctrine of Salvation

1. The Importance of Doctrine
2. The Necessity of Salvation, Part 1 – Spiritual Death & Total Depravity
3. The Necessity of Salvation, Part 2 – Moral Inability
4. The Necessity of Salvation, Part 3 – Legal Guilt
5. The Necessity of Salvation, Part 4 – Spiritual Bondage
6. The Power of Salvation – Regeneration
7. The Plan of Salvation – God’s Eternal Purpose
8. The Accomplishment of Salvation – The Work of Christ
9. The Certainty of Salvation, Part 1 – Perseverance
10. The Certainty of Salvation, Part 2 – Assurance


1. Christian, Redeem the Time

After this we traveled south to another group of pastors in Nepal. Here we spent four days teaching these brothers, and we were able to distribute to them The Truth About Man. The teaching focused mainly on this workbook as described below.

The Doctrine of Man

1. The Importance of Doctrine
2. Man in Innocence, Part 1 – The Nature & Blessings of Man
3. Man in Innocence, Part 2 – The Responsibilities & Fall of Man
4. Man in Sin, Part 1 – The Universal Consequences of Sin
5. Man in Sin, Part 2 – Spiritual Death
6. Man in Sin, Part 3 – Total Depravity
7. Man in Sin, Part 4 – Bondage of the Will
8. Man in Sin, Part 5 – Moral Inability
9. Man in Sin, Part 6 – Legal Guilt
10. Man in Sin, Part 7 – Spiritual Bondage
11. Man in Christ, Part 1 – The Obedience of Christ & The Principle of Representation
12. Man in Christ, Part 2 – Imputation & The Cross of Christ
13. Man in Christ, Part 3 – Justification & Regeneration
14. Man in Christ, Part 4 – Redemption
15. Man in Christ, Part 5 – Regeneration & Conversion
16. Questions & Answers – Revelation 3:20, Losing Salvation & Suicide

Finally we traveled to North India where we conducted a conference for the majority of HeartCry’s missionaries working in India. We enjoyed a very fruitful time of good fellowship and four days of training. We reviewed some previously taught doctrines, and we covered some new material on how to properly interpret the Bible and prepare sermons. The teaching sessions are as follows.

The Order of Salvation

1. Introduction & The Importance of Doctrine
2. The Order of Salvation
3. Foreknowledge, Predestination & the Necessity of Preaching
4. The Depravity of Man – Free Will & Moral Inability
5. Effectual Calling, Regeneration & Conversion
6. Union With Christ, Part 1
7. Union With Christ, Part 2 – Justification & Regeneration
8. Union With Christ, Part 3 – Imputation
9. Union With Christ, Part 4 – Adoption & Perseverance
10. Union With Christ, Part 5 – Perseverance, Part 2 & Assurance

Biblical Preaching

1. The Centrality & Definition of Preaching
2. The Authority, Calling & Gift of Preaching
3. The Calling & Gift of Preaching, Part 2
4. The Characteristics of Good Preachers & Preaching
5. Principles of Interpreting the Bible, Part 1
6. Principles of Interpreting the Bible, Part 2
7. Sermon Preparation, Part 1 – Textual Messages
8. Sermon Preparation, Part 2 – Topical & Expositional Messages

By His grace we will press on in service to our God in the spread of His Gospel. We appreciate your prayers and support for us and for the missionaries laboring in the harvest field.

Now to Him who is able to do far more abundantly beyond all that we ask or think, according to the power that works within us, to Him be the glory in the church and in Christ Jesus to all generations forever and ever. Amen.

Ephesians 3:20-21