Leonid has recently written about the excellent opportunity he had to spend time with his family in the United States and to share about the love of Christ. He has written the following:

Dear brothers and sisters: Greetings to you from Jerusalem!

In April my 90 year old father invited me to visit his home in San Jose, California. I stayed with him for two weeks. We walked together much and met with other relatives. Certainly, for me it was a fine opportunity to tell them about the Christ and to sow seeds of belief in the Lord.

On my last day, all my relatives and I went to a cemetery where my uncle is buried. Each of us put a small stone on his grave. I spoke about Oscar Schindler’s grave on Mount Zion in Jerusalem. Schindler rescued about 1,200 Jewish people from the Holocaust and his entire grave is covered with similar small stones. My cousin asked: “Was Schindler a Jew?” I answered: “He was a Christian and rescued Jews on the basis of his faith in God. Therefore, on Schindler’s grave Jews observe the same tradition.”

Unfortunately, fruits still are not present in my father’s life. When my father lived in the Soviet Union, he was a convinced communist. He even directed a branch of the communist party at his workplace. Now he tells me that since the majority of the Jews go to a synagogue, the truth is therefore in their party. I answered him with the words of one philosopher: “The minority is sometimes right, the majority … never!”

Please continue to pray for Leonid and the entire Voice of the Wilderness congregation as they evangelize the lost in Israel. In a brief line in this most recent update from Leonid, he also reported the joyous news of a woman coming to faith in Christ: “In our congregation in Jaffa the woman by the name of S—- repented. I ask you to pray that the Lord strengthened her in faith.

Please remember, as well, to pray for Leonid’s health needs.

Marc Glass