Photo In Pucallpa, Peru

I want to take the opportunity to say thank you for the support of HeartCry that was given to two pastors in Iquitos. Both of their families were in very difficult situations economically. 

I want to share the testimony of Pastor Laudencio regarding the support he received. He doesn’t receive any support from his church, since financially it is a very humble church. He is married and he has a daughter with special needs. 

One of the main ways that he provides for his family is by cultivating and selling a certain kind of starch found in yucca plants. But because of the mandatory quarantine, he couldn’t sell any of the product and he couldn’t even sell the tools that he uses to cultivate the yucca. 

There came a moment when he had absolutely nothing left. He had no food and he had no source of financial support. But Laudencio knew that he has a faithful God. He didn’t know what to do, humanly speaking, other than simply trust in the Lord. 

During this time, he received a call from a brother, and in that call this man reminded him that the Lord had always been faithful with His children. At that moment, there was a knock at his door. It was Mario, who had been entrusted with the delivery of the offering that had been provided by HeartCry. 

Pastor Laudencio

It’s very exciting to see how God manifests His faithfulness in order that His Name be exalted. Thank you, brothers and sisters.

Please also pray for a group of six people that will be carrying supplies, food, masks and some medicine to the Napo River Basin. Please pray that the authorities will allow them to travel there and that these six people will be able to reach our brothers and sisters in the Lord.