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This report is from Xhevat Bytyqi, a HeartCry missionary in the country of Kosovo. He is also a student in a training program with The Master’s Academy International (TMAI) in Albania. It is our great joy to be part of this needy ministry.

I am very thankful to God that He has protected my family and the members of the church from the pandemic. So far, no one was touched from the virus. I am also thankful that we have been able to hold church meetings through social media. In addition, the situation here in Kosovo began to get better toward the end of May and some businesses started to re-open since the cases with Covid 19 have been decreasing. During this time we have been studying through the letter of Thessalonians, participating small group Bible studies, and holding prayer meetings.

This month, my family experienced a painful event. My cousin Agron Bytyqi died after suffering an accident four months ago. It was my responsibility to help prepare the grave with some other men, one of whom is a brother in Christ. Argon passed away during the month of Ramadan (holy month for Muslims) and two of the Muslim men who were also helping to prepare the grave were fasting. Because of this, my brother in Christ and I began a conversation regarding why we believe that Jesus is the Son of God and the only way to be righteous with God. With we had long conversations with the men (Xhelal and Nuhredin) regarding our faith. We told them what we believed and they told us their point of view. Pray for these two men and their salvation.

Xhevat In Kosovo
Xhevat and Tina Bytyqi on the streets of Kosovo. It is such a blessing to be a part of their ministry in this country that is so needy of the gospel of Jesus Christ!

During this month I had another chance to share the gospel. This time it was a policeman named Emir Rrahimi (63 years old) who lives close to where our church meets. He could not pass the road to his house because there had been damage and construction workers were blocking the road. By God’s providence, I happened to be standing there and he asked if he could park his car near the church until the road was finished. Of course I agreed, and as a result, we introduced ourselves and began a conversation. God gave me the opportunity to tell him about my work, the church, and the gospel. At the end of the presentation, I asked him what he believed about life after death and he said that that there was nothing after this life. I did my best to explain to him that there is another life after this, but he remained convinced otherwise. Please pray for this man, his life, and his conversion.

Also, please continue to pray for my parents and my brother as I continue to have discussions with them about our faith. Pray that God will touch their hearts. I also want to take this opportunity to ask for other prayers:

  • Pray that God will save many people from Malisheva who have heard the gospel and for the growth of the church.
  • Pray that we will deeply obey God as a church and that we will know Him better every day.
  • Pray that God will bring more people to work here at the church.-Pray for God’s glory to reign here above everything in our personal lives and in this city.
  • Pray that God will use us more in this year 2020.
  • Pray about the situation in Kosovo regarding the Coronavirus 19.
  • Pray for my wife Tina, her pregnancy, and for the baby.
Miguel Carhuapoma In Chipillico

How do I Repent?

How do I Repent?