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HeartCry missionary Emanuel Ivan serves under the oversight of Providence Church of Brasov, Romania. Presently, he is investing his time primarily in the beginnings of a new church plant outside the city in the community of Zizin. Emanuel and his wife, Camy, recently adopted a son. In his past month’s report he provides a window of the gospel labor that is being carried out:

“While observing the government regulations, I did street evangelism several times this month. We have started having Bible study meetings in Zizin again and have been amazed to see the way in which God speaks to the people there. There are several people who have been attending our meetings on a regular basis and I can see how the Lord opens up their minds and hearts to understand God’s truth. Please pray for sister Eva and her son, who will be baptized at the end of June. Pray also for Emanuela, Estera, Alex and Amada, who have been facing trials lately.

Because we are going to celebrate the Pentecost, Alex and I are preparing a Bible study on the Person and work of the Holy Spirit. At a certain point, we asked Emanuela and Estera if they were saved and they said ‘no’. So we preached to them about Christ and the way in which they can know the Lord’s sacrifice and resurrection through repentance and faith. By the end, we prayed, and Emanuela cried to the Lord to save her soul.

While doing street evangelism I met Mr. Constantin, who is my neighbor. He was very distant and rejected what i said at the beginning, but the Lord softened his heart and we talked about God’s Word for more than an hour. I realized he didn’t have faith or know how to relate to God. He was unable to forgive, and quick to judge others. He was also afraid of the Orthodox priests. I encouraged him to ask the Lord to give him faith in Him. He considered Christ to be just a man that was wiser among men in the time He lived. I could see so much darkness and ignorance in this man’s life. But so many people are in the same situation. I realize that they need to hear the proclamation of the Gospel, which brings light and life in the souls of the people.

I also met Titel (55), who was more open to listen to God’s Word, probably because he had had a more difficult life. He had been divorced for more than 15 years and never remarried. During this time he had become addicted to alcohol. He carried with him prayer books, thinking that they would bring peace, protection and good luck in his life. Brother Alex Palade spoke to him from the Word and, when confronted with the Gospel, he realized he was going to hell. I spoke to him about God’s love in Jesus Christ. In the end, I prayed for him and I could see tears in his eyes. It’s wonderful to see how the Holy Spirit touches people’s hearts!

During the pandemic, the church in Firenze, Italy, asked for my help in counseling and preaching the Word during their Zoom meetings. I was glad to see good attendance and their desire to worship and listen to God’s Word. I believe that God used me to encourage the believers who are facing trials in Italy. I am thankful to the Lord for every opportunity to serve Him.”