Brothers and sisters,

Much has happened in the last couple of months. Newsletters are always a mixture of both things that are excited to share, with things that are not so exciting. These definitely make us seek the face of God more earnestly.

A few of our members have been irregular to the church services over the past few months. We just have been patient with them. Please pray that they may repent of the sin of not fellowshipping with believers (Heb 10:25) and will become an inseparable part of the church body ( 1 Cor 12: 12-14). People in our church are slowly understanding the cost it entails in following Jesus as their Lord and Saviour. We praise God for that. Pruning is always painful, but if there is no pruning, there is no yielding. God is teaching us many lessons now-a-days. I recently saw a sister asking another sister to forgive her. Oh! What a beautiful sight it was! I praised God for what He can do in the lives of sinners like us. Humanly speaking, to their dying day, people will justify their sins and will never humble themselves. There needs to be a supernatural act to witness an arrogant, self-loving and self-glorifying people seek forgiveness, or extend forgiveness to others! Please pray that we will always remain humble, hardworking, loving, and holy.

On the September 2nd, we were able to host

“Reformation Conference”

Stephen, Shankar, and Vijay were able to come and minister to us about the significance of the Reformation for 2017. Many found that the conference was extremely helpful and thought provoking. Around 140 people from different backgrounds and different denominations attended the conference. Please pray that the seed that was sown may yield fruit in its season.

Our church building is coming along quite nicely. We thank you for praying about it. We want to dedicate it to the glory of God on November the 29th 2017. Please pray that the Lord will help us wrap this building project before November 29th!! And also, there is a flurry of meetings that will take place after the church dedication service for the next two days. Please pray that the Lord may be glorified in all that we do. Please pray that the Lord many turn to Christ as we invite many for the dedication service followed by the gospel meetings in the evening for the next two days.    

In Christ,