Warm greeting to you in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ. By God’s grace, the church services and the cottage meetings are going well. After the church service, I am teaching from the book “One True God” and we have learned about “God’ Perfect Will” this month. We are encouraged by knowing the truth that God has a perfect will because of His Holy character. He has shown His will in His infallible Scriptures. As children of God, we must submit ourselves to His will and trust Him confidently.

This month, I had opportunity to visit to Gangi and Dili in Gabu Dada. They both can’t attend the church services because of their physical health. I encouraged them from Revelation 21:1-9 that God will give the eternal dwelling place to His children and there, we will have fellowship with Him forever. They were encouraged and rejoiced in the Lord by hearing this message. 

I also visited Mr. Ran B. and his wife. They are members of a Church but they were not attending the church services regularly. I reminded them about the dangerous consequences of sins. At the meantime, how God loved us and provide the way of salvation in His son Jesus Christ. I encouraged them to continue Saturday fellowship. I thank God for helping them to accept the counseling for after that, they are attending the church services regularly.

I give thanks to God that in His grace, He has been strengthened and enabled me for His glorious gospel ministry.

Prayer Requests: Pray for Mr. Ran and his family for their spiritual growth in the Lord. Pray for Gangi and Dili for their health, and may their faith be strengthened in the Lord. Thanks to God for His guidance in ministry and please pray that I would grow deeper by knowing Him to do more effective ministry.