Thank God, our Baptist Church in the past month has been mostly peaceful. Thank God for the relationship He gave me to know your servants; May God blessings reside more on HeartCry, on the ministry of the servants of God, on the church, and on your family.

The government officials and police inspect our church, making it difficult for the church to assemble. During the month the officials and police repeatedly asked me to fill out paperwork. Most of the church is faithful are strong, but also because of the pressure of the authorities, some fear that they should move to another group. We continue to pray for the faithful and pray for the local government. May God’s servant continue praying for the security of the Church and for my ministry here.

Thank God in April, the missionary team through our “Meal Love” program also continued to hold baptismal lessons for the twelve faithful attending in our district who desire to unite with our church, may God bless the new believers early to complete catechism and baptism. We are also meeting with two new groups weekly. Please continue to pray that at these two areas will have two new churches will be established in 2017.

May God bless Heartcry, the pastors, and the ministry that teaches in God’s will.

Sincerely, Pastor Chi L