Greeting to you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. By the grace of God, the church services and the cottage meetings are going well. In this month I taught from the book “One True God.” This time I taught about God’s perfection. I explained to them that it means God never does wrong, His works are perfect, His works are faithful and just. Therefore, those who believe in Him must worship Him because He is perfect and His children should be faithful and just.

I have started to teach from the book “Man’s Sin” in Jalpa during cottage meetings. In first cottage meeting, I taught about the original sin of mankind. All are sinners because of our first father, Adam’s sin. In the second meeting, I taught about total depravity that all mankind are corrupt and sinful and therefore no one seeks God. The believers are learning about the original sin and total depravity. God is helping them to understand His words.

This month, I attended the seminar where Elder Silas and brother Doug taught on homiletics. This teaching is very effective and helpful for me. I am doing my best to prepare the sermon according to this method. It is very difficult and also a new method for me- but God is guiding me to follow this method to prepare sermon effectively and the right way.

We had night fellowship in Gabu Dara for those mothers who are unable to attend the church service because of their health problems. It was a wonderful time of fellowship. I am encouraging them through God’s Word and telling them to keep their faith till the end of their life. They are happy and rejoicing in the Lord.

As I had mentioned before about Mr. Thaman, now, he is abroad. By the grace of God, his mother and brother are coming to the church. I am guiding them from God’s Word and telling them about Christ. They respond positively and are continuing in the services.

I also visited Mr. Rodney and Mr. Khum. Some believers complained that they were playing Holi, which is Hindu festival. I told them not to celebrate Holi. They responded positively and agreed with what I told them. May God help them to understand the truth and grow in the Lord.

Prayer Requests: Please pray for Mr. Thaman and his mother and brother. They may understand more about God and may believe in Him. Pray for those mothers who are unable to attain the service and because of this sometimes they feel sad. God may give them strength to continue their faith in Him. Pray for me that I may grow more in studying God’s Word and may pursue His guidance in His ministry.