Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Greetings to you in the Name of the saviour Jesus Christ. My family members are fine- although a few days ago my mother was sick, but at this present time, by God’s grace, she has recovered. We all are walking in the presence of the Lord. I am very thankful to you for your support. We are continually praying for the Heartcry ministry.

In the month of August I was involved in personal evangelism, preaching, and the Bible study. On the 12th of August my church, along with three other churches, organised a youth meeting. As a team we want to give thanks to the Lord that many other denominations youths attended and participated in the activities. By God’s grace, everything was prepared and nicely presented by the team. This time we invited one guest speaker from Dehradun. The feedback which we received was great. They said the time management was good, well prepared, and confident. It was good teaching from the Scriptures. But we still need to improve in many areas. This time was challenging as we faced one boy dancing during the singing time. It was very awkward for all of us to see his steps because he was losing control and doing things that were not proper. All the church leaders will meet next time and discuss it, and share our suggestions about how to deal with this situation in the future.

As I told you before that we are organising the ladies meeting on 26th August. But unfortunately we postponed the meeting. The reason was coordination and the busy schedule. It will be now in the next month. In the month of August I met with many non-believers and tried to make friendship with them, so that I can share good news with them. By God’s grace on 29th, one family responded and invited me with my family in their home to know more about God. Now they are growing in the belief and they are leaving all those rituals which they were doing before.

Prayer Points: Pray for bro. Sing’s family. They are new believers. Pray for bro. kamal. He is having little bit pain in his right leg because from past 3 months he was on bed rest due to fracture . And now it is removed, pray for the recovery. Pray for sis. Sunity as she is suffering from liver cancer. She is one of our church members.  

Yours Sincere,

Ps. Jude P.