Greeting to you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. In the grace of God we all are fine and I hope that you all are fine there. In the grace of God the weekly church services are going well. Though I was sick from time to time, God strengthen me to do ministry.

Because of social culture, sometime people debate with new believers. They are trying to stop the gospel. They are persuading the new believers to turn away from Christ. They said to those believers that Christians are really Muslim. Because of this, some people left the church. Even though I am thankful to God for filling the church building in quantity, I’m more thankful for the growth in teaching, doctrine, and biblical ministry.

 In God’s plan I got privilege to join the conference. Brother Jimmy taught very important teaching about

“The Role of the Women”

He also taught about the real beauty of women. The teaching about the role of man and women in the church was interesting. I would like to give thanks to brother Jimmy for his biblical teaching.

 It is sad news about the situation of Nepal in this monsoon season. Many people are affected because of the floods. Two people died, and many people have lost their property. Therefore, we local church and other NGOs supported those affected people. We provided materials which cost around Rs. 5000. We distributed this to our church believers in Sankarpur.

 We have women fellowship after church services. Mrs. Babita is taking care of this fellowship. Her husband is not a believer and also does not have a good reputation. He is a drunker and fights with his family members.

 I had studied the book

“Sound Doctrine”


I read this book. I learned that the doctrine is for life (for Christian life) which is the road map that God has given to us to live a Christian life. I studied this book, but I am planning to read this book again more thoroughly. May God help me to study this book.

Prayer Requests: Parmila was serious sick. She got stone in her kidney. Now she is feeling quite better. Still, she is under the treatment. Pray for those who are not coming in the church. Pray for the people who lost their members and properties. Pray for Babita’s husband. May God change him.


Ragunandan V.