Greetings. It is my thanks to God for giving us training from time to time. It is my thanks to brother J.S. for teaching us about

“The Qualification of Leaders”

1 Timothy 3-4

He gave us an effective message from 1 Timothy 3-4. He challenged us in our pastoral ministry. From this conference it changes my understanding about the pastor. God didn’t call me to be a boss of the church, rather He called me to serve His flock. I am changing my life by mediating on these notes and also trying to prepare qualify leaders in the coming days ahead. It is my prayer to God to supply more training in coming days.

 It is also my thanks to brother Jimmy for his hard work. He taught about the manhood and womanhood and their role. He taught about biblical marriage and the role of the pastors, parent and church members in marriage. The churches of Nepal are facing problems on marriage. I used to understand that we can approve the marriage ceremony if the boy and girl are agree but from this teaching I understood that both of them should be strong in their faith, should be biblical manhood and womanhood, must able to take their responsibilities etc. I am very thankful to God for this program. It is my prayer that God may help each of us to follow this teaching.

 In God’s grace we are growing in His teaching. Now we are in the book of James. In weekly church services I am preaching to believers to live according to God’s word. I am teaching from the book

“The Truth of Man”

in cottage meetings. May God enable me to teach right doctrine to my believers.

Once again I would like to give thanks to God for supplying our needs that we need in our ministry. In His grace we are learning lots of teaching. God may help us to hold those teaching. It is also my thanks to HeartCry for your love and care. God bless you all.

Prayer Requests: Please pray for my wife. She has gout problem. Now she is under the treatment. Please pray for Mr. Mohan for his future life partner.