Greetings to you all in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

I’m glad to share few things about ministry at Way to Life church. First, thank you for praying for us and supporting us. It’s my privilege to say that God is at our side in the midst of physical troubles and keeps blessing us with fruits in the ministry. I have learned a lot through attending the conferences that Heartcry conducts. I’m learning what it truly means to be a pastor of a church. I praise God for that.

I am happy to say, we have had a change in the times of our fellowship gathering. As we used to gather 3 times in a week before, now, after having discussed with church members, we are gathering 4 times a week. I am taking time to have house visiting of our church members very often. This month I had visited 3 hospitals for prayer.

I had the privilege of Baptizing one sister named Jyothi. Here i want to share few things about Jyothi. She belongs to a Hindu family and was attending church from a few months. After receiving the Gospel she confessed that

“Jesus Christ the Holy God came down to the earth to pay the ransom for her sins”

and prepared for Baptism. But her husband who did not want her to be baptize, and objected to it. On other hand, she wanted to obey the commandment of the Lord Jesus concerning Baptism. She finally brought this to our notice and we all (Church) prayed. Finally God answered our prayers and changed the heart of sister Jyothi’s husband to favour the Baptism. In our church, most of the members are ladies. And most of them are uneducated. And most of their husbands are not saved. Please pray these families who are not saved.

Prayer requests: Please pray for sister Jyothi’s husband salvation.

Pray for the health of my wife Leela. We saw the doctor many times with the hope to have a baby but our trust is in God.Please pray that God may be pleased to give us a baby.

And please pray for the work of God in our place. There are many hindus, muslims, and a lot of nominal Christians in our neighbourhood. Please pray as we reach out to them. It’s Joy to serve with this family of faith. Thank you.

Your’s in Christ,

Pastor John H.