Dear prayer partners and our well wishers in the Lord Jesus Christ,

We want to thank God for His grace during the Christmas time. Christmas time is a special occasion for us as believers to share the Gospel with our Christian and non-Christian friends and family members. Praise the Lord for the opportunities to share about Christ’s sinless birth, purpose of His coming, singing Hindi carols, and showing our joy in Christ!

The children of the Sunday school were taught to do skits on the theme of the Christ’s birth. They learned and performed the skits well. A deep excitement was seen in the hearts of the children as they learned the truths of the Bible through the dramas scenes and the gospel songs.

During our program in the church, special songs about the birth of our Lord Jesus were presented, in Hindi, Punjabi, and Nepali languages. The children also did the songs, which caused their parents to appreciate the Sunday school teachers. About 90 participants joined us in our Christmas program and Worship Day.

During this season, I also got an opportunity to speak to a group of volunteers and workers of a nearby Christian hospital. The clear gospel was presented and the audiences were informed that Christ’s birth was for all, i.e. Christ coming was not meant just for Christians (referring to a religion) but for poor-rich, educated-illiterate, men-women, and children from all tribes and languages.

We did have carols in our believers’ houses, which was received very well by all the participants. The carols in the far villages were done during the day time- and for the local believers it was done in the evenings. During the carols, Hindi Christian hymns were sung, Word about the Christ’s birth was read, prayers were asked for the families and “we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year” was sung at the last.

I also want to share that along with the joyous time in December, I also experienced grief because of my mother death, (she went to be with the Lord). She trusted the Lord in 2006, and was baptised in 2008. She loved the Lord, and was a regular church attendee in the village local worship. We had a memorial service after her death, and Pastor Jude P spoke from God’s word on that day.

We also thank God for opening a door of opportunity to show our concern for the poor and disable children in a village, where we found more than ten disable children. Regular muscles exercises, dietary instruction, and prayers were done, for the families.

It’s also our concern that we be able to teach, train and influence the village Christian leaders around us and in far villages, especially those without formal theological training. It’s our belief that without this the church in our region wouldn’t be mature. Please consider to join us in this effort.

New Year began with the Worship, praise song and testimonies of God’s faithfulness. It was good to begin the day here on Sunday (Lord’s Day celebrated with the Holy Communion).

Please pray for my two children, for their deep faith in the Lord, that they would love the Lord, read God’s Word, trust in Him for the salvation and walk daily in His ways. Please pray for my wife as she experienced miscarriege last month and it was so hard on both of us.

Thank you for your love, prayers and support for the work and our family. Please continue to uphold us, our both children, and believers in your prayers.

Ranjit K.