During the first week of December, God opened the doors for us to do personal evangelism and open-air preaching in the city of Santa Cruz, which is about 30 minutes from Mallaritos. There is a small church in this town, which asked for our help. Twenty years ago, HeartCry helped this congregation to build its meeting place and Brother Paul Washer visited the church a few times. Today the church is in decline: some of the brothers have gone to be with the Lord, others have not persevered in the faith. In spite of this, God has preserved a group of believers whom we are supporting.

In Santa Cruz we preached the gospel for three straight days. The people opened their doors and their homes to us and gave us the opportunity to share the good news of salvation with them. Many also came to the public park where we preached during the evenings. We also preached at the meeting place of the church. Many of the faithful brothers attended, along with guests that we met as we did evangelism. We have encouraged the brothers to keep preaching the gospel.

At our church, we have also encouraged our brothers to continue preaching the gospel intentionally to many people. We also continue working to strengthen and help a group of new believers who have been with us for five months.

The second week of December we had meetings in Paita with the missionaries who are supported by HeartCry. While we were together we worked to help Pastor Carlos Carhuapoma in the new work, which he is starting. The work is located within a new housing community. God has placed this brother there, with the support of the church which Javier Carhuapoma pastors, to share the good news with the people of this community. During the evening on Tuesday and Wednesday of that week, Pastor Segundo Gonzales and I had the privilege of preaching the gospel. Each night there were more than 100 people there who had been invited to hear the good news of Christ.