Greeting to you in the name of Jesus Christ. In the grace of God I am feeling better. On 18 August I was shocked by electricity while fixing the roof of Sunday school hall. I was admitted at the hospital immediately. My right hand was burned. In God’s mighty grace I am safe. Thank God for giving me chance to live longer.

I couldn’t preach on 19 August because of this accident. Elder Nick preached on the message from the book of Acts. After that I preached in the church service but didn’t go for visiting and cottage meetings. Still I am feeling weak. God may give me complete healing.

Though I didn’t go for visiting and cottage meetings, I study God’s words and meditate on it. During these days I study the book

“The Truth About Man”

I learned that God created mankind for His glory and to worship Him. I told this truth to my wife and children in our family devotion. God may lead our family to grow in Him.

In God’s plan we are receiving biblical teaching from time to time. I would like to give thanks to brother J.S.f for biblical teaching. He taught from 1 Timothy 3-4. He challenged us that the leader who can’t lead their family are not qualified to lead the church of Christ. It was very challenging message for me. Lots of questions came in my mind regarding about my qualification. God showed my weakness. But it is my prayer that God may help me to grow in Him and lead my family and church in Him. May God help me to serve Him faithfully.

In God’s grace I attended another conference, though I was not feeling well because of the accident. Brother Jimmy taught about

“Biblical Manhood and Womanhood” and “The Role of Women in the Church”


From his teaching I learned about the biblical marriage, biblical manhood and womanhood, how to choose life partner, the role of the pastors, parent and church members in marriage and the role of the women in the church. In Nepal, women are also consider to be pastor and take the church leadership. We had the same situation before in the past. I had much confusion regarding this issue- but from this teaching, I understood biblical headship and role. May God change our understanding bit by bit and may strengthen His church.

Now, in the grace of God we are planning to have Baptism class. Before having baptism class we are visiting personally to each person who is planning for baptism. God may help us to lead them and have an understanding of His word. Please pray for upcoming baptism classes.

Pray Requests: Please pray for my health. Pray for those people who are going to have baptism. Please pray for my children especially to my son Samuel. That he would follow Christ.


Tul B.