In the grace of God I got an opportunity to join the August conference. Brother Jimmy Li taught on

“Biblical Manhood and Womanhood”

He taught about God’s order of creation from the book of Genesis and showed the headship or leadership of man. From this he taught man’s leadership responsibilities at home and in the church. He also taught about the role of pastors, parents and church members in marriage. We were struggling regarding the issue of marriage, because of not knowing the biblical marriage and our role in biblical way. Praise God we received this truth and also thank brother Jimmy for this biblical teaching.

In the grace of God, the believers of Siluwa are growing in the Lord. I am nurturing them from God’s word. Especially, I am spending more time with the youth.

The believers of Karna Dada are not growing in the Lord. I am visiting them time to time and suggesting and encouraging them from God’s word. They neither hot nor cold. Especially women of this church are more concern about worldly things and so borrowing money from local bank and even from state bank. Because of this they go to bank and do not attend the church services. Many times I told them about the stewardship and also about the roles of banks but they didn’t listen. It is very difficult to handle the situation. May God give me wisdom to help these believers to come out from this situation and may grow in the Lord.  

God is Almighty and Great. I am very thankful for his grace upon me. Now a days, my health is going better. Also I would like to give thanks God for His guidance and supplying the needs that I need in the ministry. Also I would like to give thanks to HeartCry for your biblical teaching in my life which is very helpful in the ministry. God bless you.

Prayer Requests: Pray for Mr. Purna and his wife that they may come back to follow Jesus and His words. Pray for the believers of Karnadada for their life and problems. May they have a more close relationship with God and may seek for heavenly things. Please pray for me. May God give me wisdom to guide His people faithfully. Also continue to pray for my health.