December Report from Shalom Tanorn, Takeo Province, Cambodia from Pastor Tek Andrew

December was a very busy month. In addition to leading the worship service on Sundays, I also taught young people the Bible and taught English to children in the Children’s Club. We also practiced new songs with the youth to sing in our public gatherings. Too, I was active in pastoral ministry by visiting the homes of the church members.

Also, in the previous month of December, I have learned more about patience in serving God because whenever I evangelize I am always faced with people who oppose and look down at the gospel. They desire temporary materials and want more of the natural and not the spiritual. They keep asking, “If I believe in Jesus what will you give me?” They desire money or other things from me. However, God is still at work in the lives of other people to open their hearts for salvation. Because of the effectual work of God I am encouraged and continue to serve Him in the ministry. I thank Him that both my wife and I are blessed to serve the Lord with joy in whatever circumstances we face.