The following testimony is from Chhinhua from Cambodia. 


While ministering this month I was touched by an older lady while visiting her home with her three grandchildren. Although she is illiterate, she encourages her grandchildren to study hard and not to be illiterate like her. She sends them to school regularly and encourages them to study hard so they can read the Bible and have a good future. Everyday she has the grandchildren read her the Bible to know more about Jesus. She asked me to pray that she will have better living conditions so that she could to take care her of the three grandchildren. I am very encouraged to  see her working very hard each day to provide the daily needs for the family. In addition, each day she will ask one of her grandchildren to read a Bible story to her. She is such a wonderful grandmother.

Prayer Requests

Continue to pray for our on-going ministries: church health, children clubs – Continue to pray that the living condition of our church members will get better. – Continue to pray that the children will make time to come to the church. – Continue to pray for a full-time children teacher who is willing to serve with us. – Continue to pray that God will enable us to start two more children clubs.