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In his latest update, Pastor Joshua Lungu in Kasama, Zambia shares about their ongoing evangelistic efforts and the baptism of a new believer:

“During the Covid-19 pandemic we have encouraged our members to use every opportunity to evangelize, wherever they are – at work for those who are still working, at a barber shop, or when doing their shopping. One particular example is my recent visit to a car garage, where I engaged the workers with the gospel. Among them was a young man named Moses who had a lot of questions – “Why we are called ‘Reformed Baptists’, did we split from the Baptists? Why do we not have women in church leadership? How can one truly know that they are saved?” 

Joshua L Falls
Pastor Joshua Lungu in Northern Zambia

I used this as an opportunity to explain the gospel. He professed to be a Christian, but listening to him, it was clear that he was not. He had a notion that, to be born again, one has to do good works. He also had a strong hope that a ‘sinner’s prayer’ that he had prayed had some miraculous effect on him that led to his salvation. I took time to slowly explain all the misconceptions he had and also to explain the true gospel. At the end of our conversation he wanted to hear more, so he asked if he could start congregating with us. It was encouraging that, while talking to him, his colleagues joined in to listen. The Lord’s name be praised, who draws people to Himself, and we are trusting God for fruit.

I also met with Prosperous, a young man who recently completed high school and has applied to study medicine at Zambia University. Prosperous had spent some time with Brother Philemon from our church, who shared the gospel with him. He has since been wonderfully converted, thanks to God. I baptized him on June 7th. 

Img 20200530 Wa0021
Joshua and Philemon meet with Prosperous before his baptism

Furthermore, I had an opportunity of sharing God’s word with Boyd, a grade 9 student at Mungwi Technical Secondary School. What triggered my sharing God’s word was when his guardians approached me and requested that I share the gospel with him because they were concerned about his behavior. I wanted him to understand how Christianity influences one’s character. He was grappling with the issue of wanting to be a good person. I explained to him that most of the time people emphasize behavioral change, instead of first having a relationship with Christ. The young man had struggled with behavioral change, because of lacking a relationship with Christ. I spent some time explaining to him what the Lord Jesus Christ has done to save humanity from the power of sin and death. I explained to him emphatically that none of us can be good without Jesus Christ. Boyd has gone back to school, since he is in an exam class. I hope to continue the discussion when he comes back for vacation. Praise God that the seed of the gospel has been sown, and we pray for fruit.”

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Hope, Always