Tree Burma

Dear HeartCry and Supporters,

Greetings in our God who is sovereign over all He has made! During this pandemic and political chaos, God has taught me many great lessons about Himself and this world, particularly, that the Gospel is the only solution for all things happening around us and around the globe. God has revealed his nature and his will to man. But man has continually become depraved to the core. In the name of freedom and democracy, they promote evil. Prophet Isaiah’s words are true of today’s sophisticated generation, “Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter!” (5:20). But the Gospel never lacks of its saving power and never fails to manifest it. There’s always hope as long as the Gospel is preached and heard. Only the Law of Faith can save souls! (Romans 3:27).

Translation work in Progress with Great Benefits

Please pray for this work. The third book I’m working on is Brother Paul Washer’s “Gospel Assurance & Warnings”. This has been a huge challenge because of the difficulty in translation itself and difficulty persuading people to read or promote literature among our people.

First, our language is minimal. In many cases, with functional equivalence, a single English sentence must be translated into more than two sentences in LH to convey its full meaning. On the other hand, however, it’s of great benefit for me because it requires intensive study of every word and sentence since I’m not only reading it for myself but also making it as clear to the LH readers as it is to me. So I have to consider all the possible alternatives and put the best LH translation. In doing so, I will have done a very good personal study of Scriptures once I complete each chapter, improve my English reading skill, and improve my communication in my own language. This is amazing enough! But that’s not all I benefit. Above all, and most importantly, my soul is edified and drawn near to the Lord along the journey. It’s a great joy for me to have the Holy Spirit’s help and better understand His Words while it is hidden from the wise!

Second, our people are not avid readers or book lovers. Partly because they never have access to many good books, which are normally in BM or ENG language. We have only one version of the Bible, and we have very few good books in LH. But this is also the very reason why this work is vital and essential. Books last forever. Amazingly, we can still read Josephus’ works, for example. So it is my passion that I translate as many solid books as possible for future generations. I believe that there will be a time when what this generation despised would become precious and much sought after.

Whereas I encourage the present generation to read and make it possible for them to do so, I endeavor to leave behind as many good materials as possible in my language, which contents in English will never be read at all by our people otherwise. I think there are more than enough excellent English books so that I won’t need to write on my own. Therefore, please pray for this work. I’m thankful that HC supports me with this project and I can assure that we are doing great in this.

New Conversion and Baptisms

As I said earlier, the power of the Gospel is manifest despite the pandemic. On May 23, six people from a village were converted, baptized, and added to the church. They were the first converts in that village of about twenty animistic families, which means that there is a great possibility that the whole village would be converted sooner or later according to my experience of God’s providence. However, it was not an immediate result of emotional preaching. They have heard the Gospel since two decades ago. At that time, there were about fifty families. I remember preaching to them in 2005. They rejected us. But the nearby village accepted the Gospel, and a church was established there. The church has been faithful in proclaiming the Gospel to them, which results in new conversions after many years. Praise the Lord! We went to them and received them into our fellowship. Now a new mission field is added to us. We will continue to preach until a local church is founded there.

Currently, those new converts are walking about two hours to the church for the fellowship until a missionary is sent to their village to pastor them and preach the Gospel to the village. Please pray that the Lord would send His workers into His fields.

I’ve met with R and S recently together with other evangelists I’m working with. As COVID restrictions have been extended, we are facing more challenges in many ways. C wasn’t able to come down, but I’m getting regular updates from him too. By the grace of God, we are all safe from the virus. I’m also thankful that our men have been faithful to their call and their families. The men are teaching LH and BM to the children in their respective villages. Therefore, please pray for our missionaries as they serve others not only by proclaiming the Good news but also by literally contributing their resources to the needy ones in the fields. Please pray that the Lord would provide all the necessary means to this great end: that they would feel God’s love through His servants and believe in Him to salvation.

Last but not least, Thank you very much for your support and for your faithful partnership in the Gospel ministry. We are seizing every opportunity to extend God’s kingdom even amidst the lockdown, caring for our families and our church, and reaching out to new places to preach the Gospel whenever possible. Thank you very much, and God bless you. In His Service,

Elijah (June 2020)