Doug Thapa Photo

I am very thankful for your prayers. I am well by God’s grace. My study is also going well. I thank my God that he has given me the great privilege to know Him through his revealed word and am very encouraged to learn His word. This is my last week of module 3 in seminary. In the 3rd module we have completed Bible OT/NT Survey and Greek Introduction and this week we have our final exams.

It was a very joyful time walking through the whole Bible and we learned more about God’s divine program and progressive revelation. The study and understanding of the knowledge of the Truth is helping me to build a closer relation with God. I am experiencing the joy of my salvation and God’s loving-kindness and faithfulness in my daily life. God the Holy Spirit is helping me to grow in understanding of divine revelation and helping me to be faithful to Him. I am learning about God’s sovereignty and character from my study and daily life. It makes me more humble in Him and increases my hunger for God and His word.

God has given me an opportunity to lead the youth fellowship in Goa Nepali Church. I am helping them in Bible Study. In December, we have a one-month vacation from school. I will be here in Goa and also have the opportunity to be involved and learn more about ministry.

During the months of January and February we have our 4th module and afterwards a two-month vacation before beginning our 2nd year. I am planning to go back Nepal in for the two-month vacation (March-April). The seminary wants students to involve themselves in ministry in their local church so that they may be familiar in practical environment. I am very thankful to HeartCry for helping me financially as well as spiritually in prayer to complete my 1st semester. I also am thankful to my brothers for disciplining me in Christ with encouragement and prayer.

In Christ, Doug