Praise be to God, for the help and grace me and my family receive.

The Gospel ministry in M_________ village is going well. Please pray for the people who come to the church. Pray for those who had heard the Gospel in the past months. It is our desire to see many of them come to the church. May the Lord show them the truth, and may they come to know the One True God, our Savior Jesus Christ.

Please pray for Mrs. S___________, who has been sick for more than a year now. She suffers with blood clots in her brain. Please pray that she remains faithful, and encouraged during this time of difficultly.

My wife and I truly appreciate the prayers for our son A_____, who was sick for months, but is now normal. He is now attending school again. Please pray for his schooling, that he will take it seriously. We also thank God that our daughter who is involved in a nursing course. May the Lord protect her from any harmful fellowship during her studies.

We have plans to reach out our neighbors and friends with the gospel during the Christmas season. Kindly pray for this.

Thank you so much for being our partner.

Silas M.