Praise the Lord! I just wanted to give you a quick update. I’m doing well here, along with my wife and children. The Lord continues to show grace to me, and my family, in the preaching of the Gospel.

I am thankful for an opportunity to write a testimony about what the Lord has done among us. We have a sister in the Lord, whose name is S________. She told us, “I was pregnant, and very sick. It was getting close to time to deliver. I had only 5 grams blood, due to my ill health. The doctors used to scold me, for being sick and weak. I didn’t know how to get out of this situation. In the providence of God, I came in touch with our pastor. He, and other believers, prayed for me and my baby in the womb. The Lord heard our prayers, and I was able to have a safe and normal delivery. The Lord gave me and my husband a beautiful baby boy. I am alright now. Praise be to God! Because we got our son, with prayers from God, we have named him, “Anmol.” This means “Priceless” or “Very Precious.” We together worship God, thank Him for His goodness to us.”

We also praise the Lord for His mercy in the salvation of an old man. He has repented of his sins, and now believes in Christ as His Lord and Savior. Please pray for him. There is also another man, whose name is Z_______. Recently, he has showing keen interest in the Lord’s teachings. Please pray for him. Please pray for Mrs. D_______, her kidneys are damaged.

Please pray for our church, that God would grant us with a piece of land for a worship hall. Thank you for praying for us and helping us.

In Grace,

Chandan S.