Deac's Ministry To Refugees

Although HeartCry missionary Sandu Deac and his family live and serve in Dobrogea, Romania, he has been invaluable to Romanian border authorities in the wake of the war and the massive influx of refugees as he speaks Ukrainian, Romanian and Russian. In his report this month he shares:

No doubt this is the most difficult time for Eastern Europe since World War II. We are facing all kinds of crises with complicated situations. A large part of Ukraine is being invaded by Russian troops. They have been killing everyone without exception; women, children, and old people. Maybe you may think that I saw this on TV or social media, but I have not. I know these stories and many others from the discussions that I’ve had every day with hundreds of refugees. They are trying to save their lives by fleeing from the areas of conflict. They have come to Romania by way of the border at Isaccea.

There are situations that we can solve and find solutions for the problems of the people, but their drama is much deeper than we can imagine. Over 2,000,000 refugees have crossed the border into Romania so far and not all of them are Ukrainians. At the border I meet people of all colors and different nationalities, but all of them are facing the same drama; they have the same story. People that have come to Romania so far are people who have had money and relatives or friends abroad. Most of these people just want to be far away from the conflict. I have often asked them where they would like to go or if they have a place to go where someone is waiting for them. And their answers are very different. Many of them need some time to think about it and decide where they should go. This says a lot about the condition of these people that are leaving their country.

The experience that I gained in 20 years of ministry among Ukrainians is extremely helpful to me and puts me in a good position between the refugees and the Romanian community. I’m able to know what people and organizations that offer them the best help.

I’ve served hundreds of people to find a place to stay for a long or short term. Most of them are women with children. They have been hosted in different centers or in the homes of generous people. I also found transportation for them to different places, either in or outside the country. We offer meals for refugees and accommodation in a church very close to the border. We host refugees who are transitioning.

We provide food supplies and other necessities for the centers that host refugees every day. We also cross the border to Ukraine to the Odessa region to help with food supplies. This crisis is still at the beginning. The people that are still in the country are suffering so much and they lack the necessary things. And this is why we want to help them. Maybe you have asked yourselves how we can supply for so many needs. It’s very simple. Many brothers and sisters have come together for this cause. We are trying to do things as easy as possible for the people, helping them according to our capabilities, and offering them accommodation, food, care, emotional support and, the most wonderful thing, a Christian testimony. The light of Christ is shining strongly on the loving and compassionate faces of the followers of Jesus these days! Please continue praying for us, for Ukraine and Russia, and, especially, for the refugees.