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I am pleased to report that the church is doing well and that we have enjoyed some wonderful blessings and answers to prayer.  As you may recall, our local church was born out of a home Bible study group that consisted mostly of temporary foreign workers (from the Philippines), and as the church has grown over time, God has continued to bless us with a significant number of dear Filipino believers as part of our church family.  Many of them have received their permanent residency over time, which enables them to work towards bringing their families here to Canada. This can be a lengthy process, and it has remained a constant theme of prayer in the church. In answer to the prayers of the saints, God has greatly recently blessed three different women in the church who have successfully brought their families to Canada as their new home. It was a great joy for the church to welcome them and to see them worshiping together in our midst. We are grateful to God for His grace and rejoice with our brothers and sisters in their joy.

            Another blessing that we had just this past Sunday was that we were able to receive three believers into church membership. It is always a joy to see God’s hand at work as the Lord builds His church and establishes the work He here. He has brought and continues to bring, people together from different backgrounds and from all walks of life, into a close-knit body that desires to know and follow Christ. Each is blessed with different gifts to serve one another. The church is a beautiful people, and a privilege to be a part of, worshiping Christ together and loving one another.

            And lastly, we are very grateful to see the government restrictions being relaxed in our Province. Vaccine passports are no longer required in order to dine in a restaurant, watch a movie in the cinema, work out at a gym, or get a haircut (I really needed one!). Also, as of this week, masks are no longer mandatory, which means that we no longer need to wear them in church. I am so looking forward to this Sunday, as our people love to sing, and I can’t wait to hear their joy as they sing to God’s praises, which will be so much louder and clearer without masks hiding their smiles and muffling their songs. God is faithful and kind to His people. We trust in the good purposes He has in store for us. Praise His name!