Dear Friends,

Greetings to you in the unmatched name of our Savior Jesus Christ. We want to thank you for your prayers and support, and today we want to share with about our church in Uttar Pradesh.

This church is called Zion Church and is pastored by brother Daniel A. who has been serving our Lord for the past 15 years. Our brother has labored in this field for several years. He is a hard-working brother and loves the Lord and the Word of God. God has blessed his work and about 125 people meet regularly every Sunday for worship, and on a few Sundays the gathering reaches a count of 150 people.

Brother Daniel follows the expository preaching practice in his church and after covering the 5 chapters of Galatians, he moved to preaching on the book of Jonah. Besides expository preaching, they also spend about 30 minutes every Sunday contemplating on Psalms. Because of the proclamation of the true Gospel of Jesus Christ and clear preaching from the Bible we have seen dozens of conversions in this church, we have had about 10-12 new people coming to the church in the recent months.

The sad thing is that not all the people are interested in the true Gospel of redemption, but most of them are interested in physical healing or deliverance from pain and sickness in this world. But the amazing thing is that our savior; in His will, uses these troubles to bring people to Him.

Today, we want to briefly share with you a similar incident, which encouraged us, and I am sure will encourage believers across the globe. This story begans about a year back when a young 18-year-old girl S*, visited this Zion church. She is the 4th child of her parents. She has a total 6 sisters and 2 brothers. Their family has been in struggles ever since her father passed away and all the burden of the family fell on the widow mother. Their family came to the church thinking that Jesus would give them prosperity, but soon they realized that in this church the true Gospel is taught, which they found of no good use to them. They stopped coming and started giving excuses when brother Daniel followed up with them.

Time passed by, and there was no hope of them believing in the Gospel. Then one Sunday the whole family showed up for the Sunday service, but this time there was a fear in their eyes and they looked traumatized, especially S* the 18-year-old daughter. She was physically week and socially looked down upon. It seemed as if she was plagued with an evil spirit. Once again, they were told the true gospel and that only Jesus can save them not only from their sin, and an eternity from the condemnation of hell.

They were prayed for, and without any false assurances. The lord worked in the hearts of the family members. There are a lot of witch doctors who claimed to deliver this girl from the evil spirits, but instead to going elsewhere, the family chose to stick around with the church and regularly started attending the services. Brother Daniel took the opportunity, and kept on sharing the Gospel of redemption with them from various passages of the Bible. They believed, and our Savior in His grace not only delivered the girl from this evil spirit she was vexed with, but they believed in Jesus for the real thing; the deliverance from sin. The family is now in faith and have shared the Gospel with their other relatives also. Brother Daniel tells us that not only this family but many of her relatives started coming to the church because of this incident. It is true that our Savior is gracious and many a times chooses to take us through tough times to bring us to Him.

Please thank God for: Doing wonders in this area through this church, brother Daniel and his hard and faithful ministry, and bringing new families to this church.

Please pray that God may keep on using his servant Daniel as a channel of the true Gospel in this city. The believers in this church would grow in the knowledge of the Word of God, and grow in maturity of their faith.