Greetings to you all in the matchless name of our Lord Jesus. I am glad to report about what God has done in the ministry of our village Julakallu.

I give thanks to the Lord who enables me to guard His Church, and thank you all who are praying and supporting me in His work. God has helped me to reach out to the village called Katrapadu with the Gospel of Lord Jesus Christ in this New Year of 2017. This village is situated at the borderline of a forest, and due to the lack of transport facilities, no one has reached into this village with the Gospel of Jesus. God has placed the burden in my heart to pass through this village. So after praying, we stepped into this village. We did street evangelism, which brought a lot of opposition from the local people. In this village, all are tribal people and idol worshippers. No one came to receive the word in the beginning, but slowly they started to come and hear about Jesus while we preach. As they hear and receive the Gospel it seems to be making an impact in their hearts. Now is seems a few people stand for the Lord.

Here I want to share about a brother named Yallamanda who troubled us very much. He was an opponent in the beginning, and troubled us a lot. But one day while the evangelism camp was going, a brother came to us and asked if we would pray for Yellamanda. He was suffering from sickness, so we visited him after the service. He was in bed and was not able to rise up. We took advantage of the opportunity to share Jesus before we prayed for him. In the coming week, I went to see him at his home again but I received the news that he had been hospitalized. The next day we went to the hospital and shared with him the reality of the gospel and the purpose behind Christ’s coming to the earth, and the consequences if we don’t believe Him as Lord. We prayed. We could notice the tears in his eyes while praying. Finally, he asked me a question, “can Jesus forgive me?” I told him that He can. He desires to receive Jesus, and now make a confession of faith. Please pray for him, the rest of his family, and the rest of the village.

Thank you.

Yours in Christ Jesus,