Jorge Marsano Teaching In The Mountains

The Lord has allowed me to make known His love in detail through the teaching of the gospel in the churches in the mountains. We’ve begun a study through the glorious gospel. The reception of the teaching on the part of the churches has been enthusiastic. The brothers and sisters have demonstrated a real desire and commitment to study this doctrine. They have recognized their limited understanding of all the doctrinal riches in the gospel contained in the Scriptures. 

Of the lessons we’ve done so far, one in particular has caused great reflection in the minds of my brothers and sisters. It was the first lesson that we worked through, which dealt with the goal of our salvation. In that study they understood that the order of God’s purposes in the gospel begins with the primary goal of glorifying God. It was a wonderful experience for me when one of the brothers realized for himself that the gospel has to do first of all with God, and not with man. Another brother understood that when we evangelize, before we can speak about the blessings of the gospel, we have to speak about the holiness and righteousness of God. 

Many wonderful testimonies of a growing understanding of the gospel are resulting from this study, and we have only made it through three lessons! Please continue praying for the brothers and sisters in the mountains, that they would have a fuller understanding of the gospel that has saved them.