We are beginning a new ministry, which I undertake with great fear before the Lord. For now, we are building the church building. God works in ways that many times we cannot put into words to describe them. Please be always praying for us. We are working in collaboration with Maranatha Church on the other side of Paita. The brothers and sisters from that church are a great help to me, and it is nice to receive their support in the work here. Along with the families that are meeting with us, we are meeting in homes in order to get to know one another better and be more committed to one another, so that our church might be more united, harmonious, and healthy. I only ask you to pray much for me and the church here.

As a family, God has been allowing us to go through some trials. This month I was really sick with a strong fever and severe pain in my bones. My youngest daughter was also in bad shape with the same virus and she missed two days of school. Now my youngest son Daniel has the virus. I have to take him to the hospital because he is young. I hope that it doesn’t get worse and that he recovers soon. Help me with your prayers.

My wife and my children were attacked and robbed by three criminals. They hit my wife, but thanks be to God, she is okay now and that is what matters. Whatever was lost materially is of least importance in the end. God has His purposes that He is accomplishing in us. Again, I repeat, please continue praying always for us.