Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Greetings in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. I am fine and doing well by the grace of God. I hope you all too so. It is the privilege and joy for me to share about how God has worked in mylife. Here is the quick update of the ministry that God allows me to do and my own personal update for April-May.

In May-1, we had a united youth fellowship, gathering many youths from the different churches of Reformed Churches of Nepal. I got an opportunity to share the word of God from the book of Philippians 1:27-30 on the topic of “Gospel-Center Living”. The word of God is sharper than a two-edged sword (Heb. 4:12). It cuts the heart of speaker and listeners both. I, myself, and those who were hearing the word of God were challenged and encouraged to live in the gospel.

Over the last six weeks, we discussed about “The truthfulness of the God and how He has He Revealed Truth?” in youth Bible study. We followed “One True God” by Paul Washer as guidebook. Brother Silas and myself, lead the group. Through our discussion, God the Holy Spirit illuminated our mind to understand more deeply the truthfulness of God. God is true and He has revealed His truth by:

  • Scripture: (Inspiration, Inherency, necessity, sufficiency of Scripture)
  • Jesus Christ on and work of Christ)
  • Holy Spirit: (Person and work of the Holy Spirit): 

The 2nd week of the month of May, I had a privilege to visit the local church in the mountain where Ps. Gary G. Gurung is ministering. He is ministering to two churches in different places. God allowed me to preach among both congregations on the Saturday service. I preached from Hebrew 12:1-3 and encouraged them to run their Christian race with endurance because many of them are facing various persecutions from family and society. And same day, in evening, we went to one small village where Ps. Gary has started a small fellowship and I shared from the word of God that our security of life is in God and not in our wealth (Luke 12:13-21). From that moment, I was convinced that preaching the word of God is not easy unless and until the Holy Spirit moves me, it will not be effective. I was also convinced more about need of prayer and strength of the Holy Spirit in my life. I got challenged from the life of Ps. Gary to work hard for Christ.

Finally, I spent one week with my family. They are unbelievers. God gave me an opportunity to share the gospel to them. It was a nice time after long gap I spent with them. Still, I am looking their response to the gospel and continue praying that God may save them. In this vacation, I spent most of the time with brother Silas, his family, and Grace Church. It is always blessing to learn under discipleship of some godly people. He disciples me spiritually and practically in the ministry and own my personal life. I learned from his life and his commitment for the gospel ministry. I am very thankful to the Lord for equipping and strengthening for His glory.

Now, my vacation is over and God has brought me safely to seminary in Goa. I am thankful to HeartCry for support in this second year too. Our classes will start from 30th May. I request to you all my brothers and sisters to pray for my study and deeper understanding of God so that I can grow more in likeness of Jesus Christ and I can encourage and minister to many peoples in Nepal when I return. And also pray for my unsaved family. God may open their minds and hearts. May our God be always glorified (1 Cor. 10:31), Amen!!!

In Him, Doug