Dear brothers and sisters,

I wanted to send you a ‪brief‬ report on the opportunity we have been given to minister to the children. While the children are on their summer break from the schools, we decided to have a CBC (Children Bible School) for them. Praise the Lord that more than thirty children attended these meetings.

The theme of this event would be, “OUR BEAUTIFUL EARTH.” The key verse was Psalms 24:1, “The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof, the world and those who dwell therein.” We taught the children from the Bible focusing on the creation story. We looked at how God created the world beautiful, and how man was God’s creation in His image and likeness. Everything was perfect. We then examined the fall of man, and the redemption plan of God through Jesus Christ to make everything beautiful again. They were given worksheets to fill out on the lessons learned.

Another encouragement came through the story we shared about Mary Jones. She was the one who inspired the founding of the British and Foreign Bible Society. Saved at the age of 15, she saved her money for 6 years so she could purchase a copy of the Welsh Bible. Mary had to walk twenty-eight miles barefoot across the countryside in order to get it from Thomas Charles. Her testimony was a challenging and encouraging to us all. After learning about her story, a couple of our children started to save money so they could buy a Bible as well.

Many new songs were taught to the children. We also gave them Bible verses to memorize that went along with each lesson that was taught. At the end of our study, the children did not want to stop, but wanted to continue several more days. This has encouraged and motivated us to make more of an effort among the children.

We trust God for the fruit out of these meetings. We know that His word is powerful, active, and life giving. It will never return void, and will fulfill His purposes. We ask that you kindly remember these children in your prayers, and our efforts of ministry among them.

Your co laborers in His vineyard,

Sunder R.