01.2021 Members Of The Church At Koke Sroke Receiving Bibles And Children’s Bible Story Books

     My wife and I have always managed the church’s offerings, but now the time has come that we feel we should hand that responsibility over to other members. As a church, we have decided that we will vote for the people in charge of the offerings. We will choose three people to work together for transparency. May God give favor to those who love Him, and may He choose whom He pleases. 

     I have been challenged this past month by the church in K.K Village. The worship has been off. I know there needs to be church discipline. It is overwhelming to me that some people like to talk while the pastor is preaching. It shows that people who say they love God have no fear before God. 

At the church in P.V., a regrettable event happened in a nearby village that has shaken those young in the faith. People professing to be Christians in that village stole money from some of the villagers and ran away! As soon as the new believers in the P. V. Church heard about what these “Christian” people did, they began to doubt and wonder if having put their faith in Jesus “will do them any good?” I am so very saddened to know about these people trying to destroy the name of Christ and the faith of Christians by shamefully taking advantage of people. Some of the P.V. church members called and asked me about these things. I need to make a trip there as soon as possible to help them see the truth and that their assurance is not in men but the Word of God. Their faith in Jesus means they are saved from the wrath of God, which is eternal death. 

     Thank God for Loke Kru (teacher) Kelly, who taught us to pray God’s Word during our Discipleship Days. Reading and practicing Paul’s prayers in the Scriptures, such as 1 Corinthians 1:4-9, has been in my heart since I arrived home. I continually praise God that He is faithful to do what He says, and He has invited us into fellowship with his Son, Jesus Christ our Lord. We need to fix our eyes on the things above, on God. Life is not about being mad or jealous over others’ prosperity, but rather, life is about being joyful in the Lord and His salvation. If we turn our eyes away from God, we will easily become disappointed about the unfortunate things that happen in our lives. We need to remind ourselves all the time that God will do what He says because He is faithful.

Prayer requests:

– Please pray that God will be with us at when we vote at K.K. village for the people/deacons who will oversee the church’s offerings. 

– Please pray that God will strengthen the church at P.V. Village so that their faith will not be shaken regardless of the unfortunate things that just happened. 

– Pray for safety when I visit the church at P.V. Village and that God’s Word will go forth in the people’s hearts. 

May God bless you!                                                                                                                                   Pooy