December Church Service

George Serban continues to do the work of an evangelist in spite of the demands of pastoring the mother church and providing oversight for the church plants around Dragonesti Olt, Romania. He and his wife, Dana, have been faithful servants of Christ among the people in what is primarily a farming community. This month Brother Serban provides an overview of his outreach in the village.

I visited several poor families this month. A person called me and said he found out about us on the internet. He asked us to help him, as he was sick and had four children. We helped him and now pray that he would understand his greater need; the need for forgiveness which comes through Jesus Christ.

We did evangelistic outreach in several villages this month, talking about God with the people we met. A lady came to church and said she really enjoyed it. She said she would come again. Our online church services are a good thing for the nonbelievers.

The Sunday evening church service is online and, to our surprise, many people from our town and from other parts of the country watch it. We pray that the sermons and songs would help our listeners to know Jesus as their personal Savior.

We had two church services when we sang carols and preached the Word. We invited our relatives and acquaintances to attend. It has been our prayer that the Word would bring God into their lives. We also had a time for caroling with the children in our town and their parents were able to hear the gospel message.

God gives us so many opportunities to reach people with the gospel. We pray that they wouldn’t miss these opportunities, but would see God’s love that calls them to repent.

Please pray for our family! We are thankful to the Lord for being alive and healthy! Please pray that we would serve him with everything we have! Pray that he would keep us strong, so that we would preach the Gospel and live it in our lives.