Last month, Eduardo Aricari and his family moved to his native city of Iquitos, in the Amazon jungle of Peru. In this report, he explains some of the ways that God is providing opportunities to serve both in the local church as well as among other pastors in the jungle region surrounding Iquitos. 

Brothers and sisters, this month the Lord has continued to open doors to serve the church in Iquitos and also to help in the training of other leaders. We were invited by four pastors to come to the city of Nauta. The city of Iquitos is in quarantine so we are not allowed to meet in groups, but since Nauta is outside of the city, there are not the same restrictions. Taking advantage of the opportunity to answer the call of these men who desired training in the Word of God, we traveled to where they were. 

We were joyfully surprised when we found out that one of the pastors had come in representation of 26 churches that are part of an association in that region. These churches are located in the Marañon River Basin between the town of Nauta and the Ucayali River. This pastor had been sent by these churches to find us and he invited us to visit them the second week of March. 

There are a lot of logistics in organizing this trip in March to the towns down the river. We will need to rent a boat and make sure we have enough gasoline and food to make it there and back, but we are trusting in the Lord. 

On the other hand, in the church I have been visiting each family in their homes. We can’t meet at the church building because of the quarantine, so in each home we are studying through 1 Peter. We live in complicated times, and who better than the Apostle Peter to remind us of the hope and identity we have as the people of God through the finished work of our Lord Jesus Christ. 

The month has been difficult for my family, and especially for my children. They are adapting to the climate changes in the jungle and it has been challenging for them. However, the Lord has continued to keep us safe from sickness and He is guarding our family.