I have many things to praise God for because of what He has done for my family and ministry. However, last month we received very sad news. One of our outreach leaders, and a student in our Shalom School of Ministries, passed away suddenly while sleeping. The news shocked us when we heard the report. But in the midst of the discouragement we shared this information with all of the pastors in the area. Afterwards, all of us went to conduct and participate in the funeral. I was very encouraged by the care and love of our co-laborers in Christ during this time of crisis as we united to help one another.

In Cambodia there is a saying by unbelievers to try and scare people who are coming to Christ: “When Christian die they die like a dog.” Their saying is based on the fact that we, as Christians, are a small minority and make up a very small percentage of the population in Cambodia. But, in reality, whenever there is a Christian funeral many Christians visit to support the family. We have witnessed to that community, although we are few in number, that we come from far away locations because we are one family in Christ and we support one another with care and great concern. We thank God that He allowed this good testimony to be shared in the community of unbelievers through the tragedy in order to reveal the love that the family of God has for one another in Christ. As Christians we die knowing that our bodies will be raised and we will live with Jesus Christ forever and this is our hope and comfort (1 Thessalonians 4:13-18).

Please continue to pray for these needs:
1) Wisdom and strength will be granted to all of our Shalom pastors.
2) the new church in Pochentong area (Shalom House of Hope) will reach more souls for Christ.
3) that we can start a gathering and fellowship with all of the college students and encourage them as they travel from different Shalom churches in Cambodia to study at the University in Phnom Penh.
4) that God will grant us special strength and wisdom to lead Shalom School of Ministries.