First of all I would like to give thanks to God for His wonderful plan for providing the Biblical teaching through HeartCry. We are receiving the sound doctrine from our fellow brothers sent by HeartCry.

I had no biblical knowledge and because of that we did not know the right church government system and teaching. Because of this I had no idea what to do for those members who used to do wrong against God. After learning about the church government from brother Nathan I knew my mistake about the church discipline, which we were following church tradition but never think if it is was biblical or not. Now I am following the biblical doctrine about the church discipline. Two months ago a young boy and girl were ran away. The boy is nominal Christian and the girl is form another church. The girl used to run Sunday school, participating in choir and church services and used to participate in other church activities in her church. I talked to them and they have realized their mistake. They are in discipline. May God give strength to them to grow more mature in Christ. Thanks to God for giving the true biblical doctrine, which is really helping me to strengthen the church in Holiness.

Sarah is the young girl from our church. She developed a relationship with false Christian boy. We tried to bring him in true biblical knowledge. But he did not agree about the teaching that we are receiving from HeartCry. I counseled Sarah and told her about the biblical doctrine and her faith on biblical foundation. I encouraged her not to compromise her faith with false Christian boy. In the grace of God she left the boy. Thanks to God for His grace and protecting her from false Christian.

On 20th May I and my wife went to visit Elder Silas and his wife in Mission Hospital. She got baby girl through surgery (c-section). While meeting to them I got privilege to interact with a church leader of Palpa. He shared that one young lady who committed suicide. She was a Sunday school teacher, women’s leader, and was involved in other church activities. The leader believed that she is in heaven because she used to do ministry. I told to him that our salvation is not in the base of our good works but by faith alone in Christ (Gal. 2: 16). I mentioned that we will not be in heaven by doing ministry (Matt. 7: 21-23) but if we are really in Christ and have new birth in Him will sure be in heaven. The leader was thinking deeply from God’s words. Let God enable him to understand more about the biblical doctrine on salvation.

I had mentioned in my previous report about the believers who are coming from other church in our church. Now Sarmila and her mother in-law are attending the fellowship regularly. They are understanding about meeting of the fellowship. They are growing in the Lord by God’s grace.

Sincerely, Neel G.