It is my greeting to you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. I am fine and hope that you all are fine. I want to share the wonderful works that God has done in this month.

Ministry Report

I would like to give thanks to God for His wonderful works and plan. God is guiding me to do His works both in troubles and without troubles. We had fellowship in Khatrid every Saturday evening but the family members of the cripple sister brought the troubles. Because of this we have stopped the fellowship. But I and my co-worker are visiting time to time and nurturing the sister and other members who were coming in the fellowship. God may open their hearts to know Him and accept Him as their Savior.

The people are coming from Tama Kah. The new man, Nar, is coming in the church. I shared about the salvation through Christ and His sacrificial works for us. He is continuing the fellowship. Pray God will enable him to accept Christ from his heart. I had mentioned about school moderator, Mr. Noke, and the teachers. Still there is no positive result but we are continuingly visiting and sharing the gospel. May God open their hearts to come into His Kingdom.

We have fellowship in Gorik on every Wednesday. The fellowship is going well. 10-12 people are more interested and growing and I am praying and looking to teach a baptism class. May the Lord prepare us as we go through baptism class. The HeartCry conferences have helped me to grow in right understanding of the word of God and necessity of such baptism class before we baptized people. May God help me to make this plan in right way.

The Sunday school in Shewa is going well. Mr. Terry P., Ms. Kamala, Ms. Rusmi, and Ms. Dhaka are leading the Sunday school. First, they teach from the school books for 1 hour and then they teach from the bible for 1 hour. Now the non-believers’ children are attending in both Sunday school and in school studies. May God use these little ones save them in Christ in for His glory.

Once again thanks to God for His love and His guidance in doing ministry and also thanks to HeartCry for your guidance, prayer and support. May God bless you! You all are in my prayer.

Sincerely, Gary G.