In the grace of God the church fellowship and cottage meeting fellowship are going well. In the cottage meeting I am teaching from the book call One True God. From chapter 1 we learned about the one God in three persons. While preparing chapter 1 I learned more about the Trinity. Form the teaching of HeartCry and from this book I am learning more clear about the Trinity, which protects me from falling into false doctrine. In my ministry time period before joining HeartCry, I had taught about the Trinity in different forms by telling the example of water, vapor and ice. But while knowing this truth I realized my great mistake by teaching false doctrine of Trinity and asked forgiveness for God. I am in joy for knowing this truth. I am teaching this to my church members in cottage meeting. I would like to thanks to God for giving me wisdom and knowledge to understand the right doctrine of the Trinity.

I used to meet one old lady while going for Tuesday cottage meeting. Some months ago I had shared the gospel many times but she didn’t take interest in gospel. But on this month she came to me and asked me to pray for her sickness. I prayed for her and told that not to concern about the physical healing but worry for spiritual healing. I told her the salvation is only in Christ and through Him we can go to heaven; repent your sin and believe in Lord Jesus Christ. But after some days the old grand-mother passed away.

I went to visit Mr. Terry S. He is an old man. He is sick. I shared the gospel and prayed for him. I had visited him next time and prayed for him. On that day also I shared the gospel to the other man who was come to visit him. They were interested in the gospel. May God bring them into His kingdom.

I would like to give thanks to God for His guidance and also to HeartCry for your support, prayer, teaching and also providing the books which is really helping me to know more about the sound doctrine and I am growing in right knowledge of God.

Sincerely, Khim C.