Dear HeartCry Supporters and Friends,

We hope this day finds you strengthened by God’s grace. The purpose of this letter is to inform you of a grievous matter. On October 8, 2020, a deacon of our church, who was also an office administrator at HeartCry was arrested for sexual misconduct with a minor. The matter was discovered in the following manner:

The victim, who is now a young adult, met for counsel with an elder of our church and gave an account of the sin that the accused committed. After hearing the full account, the elder immediately directed the victim to speak with the authorities and accompanied the victim to the police station. He assured the victim that the elders, the church, and the entire staff at HeartCry would support, protect, and defend the victim.

After the matter was turned over to the police, the accused was arrested, incarcerated, and is now awaiting adjudication. 

At this moment, the elders continue to minister to all involved. Please pray for the victim and the victim’s family. Please pray for the family of the accused who is also devastated. Please pray for the accused. Although we must pursue justice under the law, we must also be concerned for redemption. Pray for our church, its members, and its missionaries as we walk through this great trial and entrust ourselves to God’s sovereign and gracious will. 

— The Elders of Christ Church (Radford) and the HeartCry staff