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Gypsy HeartCry missionary, Marian Nae, shepherds the Holy Trinity faith family in Glina, Romania. He stays very involved in ministering to the ongoing needs of his community. In this month’s report he shares some of his pastoral experiences:

By God’s grace I focused on pastoral and evangelistic visits this month. Some friends, who used to attend the church and went astray because of temptations and negative influences they faced, invited me to their place. The Lord allowed them to go through trials and by remembering them, they asked me to come for a visit. So, I gladly visited them and had a nice time of fellowship in which I preached God’s Word to them. They opened their hearts to me and told me about the trials they were facing. Their daughter got married 9 years ago and now has a 5-year-old boy. Her husband left her a year ago and married another girl in the village. But the girl still loves him very much and wants him to come back to her. So, she is suffering a lot as she struggles with depression. I started counseling her and preached God’s Word to her. I also prayed for her and invited her to church. They have started attending the church again and she accepted the Lord Jesus as her personal Lord and Savior. Please pray that the Lord would help her get over her depression and that the Spirit of God transforms her life. Her parents decided to turn to God with all their heart. Please pray for them.

Every Thursday we have fellowship with the family of the young man who died in an accident last year. His mother, brother, wife and other relatives started attending the church. Not long afterward, they decided to be baptized, so I am doing the catechism course with them. This study is very good for them as they can ask questions and grow spiritually. Please pray that the Lord would work in their lives and help draw closer to Him.

The church and I have been praying for all our neighbors, who are far away from God. The Lord searched the heart of a middle age woman. She had an experience that touched her heart. As a result, she came to church and said she wanted to repent. I was glad to hear about her experience and I praised the Lord who has different methods of searching people’s hearts. The woman said she also wanted to be baptized. I promised I would help her in her understanding of the Scripture. I am praying that the Spirit of the Lord would set her free from her vices as she loves to gossip. Please pray that God would work in her heart and change her.